1. november 2011

My KDE Plasmoid: Lina

In one of my courses this semester I could hand in a project written i Python which I would specify my self. I decided to develop a desktop widget for the user interface Enlightenment, which I am quite exited about. But problems with the Python bindings for Enlightenment Foundation Libraries (EFL) made my project go in another direction: KDE Plasma Applets.

The idea of the applet is still the same. It is supposed to work as a very simple and univerasal frontend, which you can use with "all types" of backends (reading files, RSS-feeds, mail, twitter updates). I added a backend for reading text files for demonstration and testing.

I handed in the project, which I called Lina, yesterday. Here is the web page:
Go and have a look your self!

Btw, it's free software; do what you want with it :)

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