29. august 2010

Dual Screen ftw!

A week ago I got myself an other screen, and set up my computer for a dual screen. I now got a 24" screen next to my own 22". It looks really geeky and is awesome to use. Of course the 24" screen becomes the main screen, and the other is basicly used for music, instant messaging and movies (while multitasking). Even though it has only been a week, I find my self having troubles with imaging the computer with just one screen. With one screen, where do I place all the applications? This is only a temporary set up. When I in a few months have to return the extra screen it will be fun to see whether I am addicted to this or not! Perhaps I will end up buying another screen.

On the down side, some effects in Compiz Fusion is not optimal for more than one screen (in particular if the screens have different sizes), for example expo and scale. The edge to use for these have to be on the main screen, but I guess I will get more used to the key bindings.

Earlier I have used six desktops, 3 in the width and 2 in the height. This was not necessary any more, and I reduced the desktop size to 2*2. I haven't done much programming since the set up, so I am not sure whether this is too small desktop size for work or not, but as I see it now, it should work perfectly!

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